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That's my go-to response when people ask how things are going. And it's true, I am busy. Work is still taking up a significant amount of time, and of course the kids with their school work, though that's easier now that my oldest is done.

On weekends, though, I try to carve out time to do little things for myself. This weekend, I changed around my room.

I love being comfy and I love fur (though I've only allowed myself the fake stuff for now - at least until the kids are old enough not to destroy it), so I've added a few things to my bedroom in order to make it more "my own."

Picture 1

This is the view to my bedroom as you come in from the hallway. As you can see, I've added the following:

The chair is now where the tree used to be, and the tree is now where my shelves used to be, and my shelves are now... well, you'll see in the following photo...

Picture 2

That wall was a little bare, and I worried before moving my shelves that maybe putting something there would interfere with the flow of the room. I was wrong.

My goal now is to set up a side table beside the tree with a kettle and a chair/table outside so that I can enjoy tea out on the deck in this cool, fall weather.

Oh, also, I became one step closer to that goal the day before yesterday when I was full-on Ms. Fix-It and replaced the doorknob for the door from my room to the deck. Prior to that, the latch was jammed so the only way to keep the door closed was to use the deadbolt or the side latches.

I know a number of you have e-mailed me (SO long ago, even) and it is my full intent to get back to you - and I'll probably do so today.

Oh! And one more thing: I lost yet another pound - I'm down 10lbs now! Totally high-fived myself over that one.

Deep Thoughts

If autumn has a nickname (fall), why don't the other seasons have nicknames?

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