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I love fall.

The changing colours, the crisp, cool air paired with the still-warm sun, the birds beginning their migration south.

The pumpkin spice.

*record scratch*

Yeah, I'm basic, so what about it?

Tonight I decided to do my Bible study out on the back deck, and it was quite luxurious. And to top it all off, a fox came and inspected the yard while I was at it.

Did I tell y'all I heard a cougar a week ago? No, I don't suspect I did, but I'm not going to go check. So, I'll tell you now: I heard a cougar squall the one night. Creepy and magical all at once!

I also turned on my furnace for the first time. It's set to come on when it drops below 65F/18C. Given we've just had our first frost last night, I expect that will be a common occurrence in the coming days.

Also, I know I said that I'd be around more after my stress fracture - but do you realize how much more time you take in a day if you're moving slower?? It's significant.

Also, also, I know I said I was doing that series, and I'm still going to, but life has gotten very busy!

And I have a hangnail. Please just cut off my thumb.

I recently decided to add a "Deep Thoughts" section to my posts. You can't read them on RSS, only on my site (TAKE THAT, if you're curious, I'm forcing you to come here!) Anyway, don't worry, I don't bother with that analytics crap, so it's not like your visits will be traced. I just thought it would be funny to force you to step out of your RSS feed to come here.

Anyway, "Deep Thoughts" is like, my version of Deep Thoughts With Jack Handy, except it's Deep Thoughts with ##REDACTED##. It'll be a combination of stupid thoughts that go through my head and crap my kids say. Basically, all the crap I used to vomit all over social media.

I'll try to get back to my Indie series soon, I promise. (I'm promising to try, not to actually do it. NOT THAT IT MATTERS, GOSH.)

Oh, and I've hit 40 books for the year so far! If I read 12 more, I'll have read the equivalent of one book a week all year (which I also did in 2019). We'll see. I have 14 books in my "To Read" but one of them is over 80 hours long (at regular speed), two of them I don't think I'll finish (I'm just not into fiction anymore, really), and yet another one, I won't have in my possession until October (yes, I did pre-order Dave Grohl's book, thank you very much).

And one last thing: I’ve already ditched Reddit, for those of you who thought maybe you’d like to reach out there. It was kind of a dead end.

Deep Thoughts

Daughter: Hey Mom, I saw heaven!
Me: Oh? When did you see heaven?
Daughter: When I was in grandma and grandpa's car.
Me: Oh. *realizing* Were there a lot of rocks on the ground in heaven?
Daughter: YES! There was!
Me: That wasn't heaven, honey, that was a graveyard.

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