A Mountainous Get-away


What are men to rocks and mountains?

We took a trip to the Rockies this week. It was at least part of what I've been needing lately. Instead of going to the very, VERY expensive town of Banff, we chose Canmore as our destination. (It was a great choice, if you're ever in the area, check out this quaint little tourist destination.)

A little food, a little relaxing, a little hiking. It restored me.

UNFORTUNATELY... smoke from distant forest fires filled the skies, so I wasn't able to capture the pure splendor of the majestic mountains, but I did get some spectactular shots nonetheless.

But before I get to those, I just want to give a shout-out to Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. - some of the BEST pizza out there.

And now, for the pictures.

Picture 1 - as you can see, the smoke gets a little bit in the way, but still adds a little something to the shot.

Picture 2 - a beautiful rosy sun coming up over the mountains. Canmore can be seen in the distance.

Picture 3 - a shot taken from our hike of some of the mountain peeks as they rise up through the trees.

Picture 4 - a glimpse of a small waterfall through the trees and over an aquamarine lake.

Picture 5 - the minerals in the water turn the lake an amazing aquamarine colour. And my kids look so cute reading about the coral reefs that used to reside here.

Picture 6 - more of the mountains, a shot taken from the trail where we stopped to take a break.


Update: While I continue to search for the owners of the cat, he's staying with us. No tattoo and no microchip, and yet he's neutered. The kids have grown very fond of our little Rocky in the short time he's been here (which will be a week Tuesday.)

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