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Hey! Hi! How are you? I am wonderful! Well, I'm probably not wonderful but I am definitely a lot better than I've been.

Ditching social media and going personally low-tech has been quite freeing, despite a bit of withdrawal I've been having. As I mentioned in my work blog, I'm constantly thinking of little interesting tidbits I can share, things I can complain about, etc., and it's odd not having somewhere to post it. And I catch myself opening tabs to hop on social media to take a peek at what's happening, only to realize: OH YEAH! I'm not on there anymore!

Last night was kind of fun. We had a storm hit, and I wanted to share about it and look up storm-related posts from my area. And again, I remembered: oh yeah, can't do that anymore. I caught myself yesterday looking at my watch to try and see what the weather was like. I need more outdoor thermometers, I guess.

But otherwise, I'm feeling a little less tethered now that I have my flip phone. I unpaired my Apple watch yesterday and wiped it so I could sell it. I've found myself doing my regular routine without the need to have my phone in my pocket. I've had the phone on since Tuesday night (it's Thursday morning now) and the battery is at 68%.

It'll be a while yet before I'm completely low-tech, and in the meantime, I have 10 Audible credits I have to use before the end of November when my subscription is cancelled. I'm nine books ahead in my reading schedule for the year and two books away from hitting my target of 26 books for the year. I'm currently listening to a book about the Rwandan genocide. It's a hard listen, but a worthy one.

I mentioned to my brother-in-law that he'd have to use my work Telegram to contact me, as I'd ditched my personal smartphone, and he said that he, too, wished he could go that route again.

Well, I suppose I ought to get back to work, as I just took a break to post this and I still have to do the rigamarole of updating my index and my RSS feed. If you feel like saying "Hi" drop me an email!

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