I had an "About Me" page before. I've moved all of that information here. This may yet change again.

Let's start with the basics.

I had my first job when I was 11 years old, and by the time I turned 16, I was working four part-time jobs.

If I had never gotten married and had children, I would have followed in the footsteps of my father, my grandfather, and my great-grandfather and been a hunting and fishing guide.

I love rivalries. I will purposely watch sports that I don't have any interest in just to cheer against someone else's favourite team. I also am a fan of going to sporting events to cheer for the away team.

I have had a wide range of pets. Dogs, cats, mice, bunnies, turtles, hamsters, ferrets, fish, deer, sparrows, pigeons. At some point, I'd like to have a pet jumping spider.

I am deathly afraid of spiders.

I was born without the sense of smell.

I dropped out of high school when I was 16, but I had a very aggressive teacher who applied to the school board to allow me to finish out my classes and graduate via distance education. Everyone assumed I'd dropped out because I was pregnant. They were WRONG, I didn't get pregnant until I was 20.

I don't have any role models. I learned early on that humans are only full of disappointment, so it's best not to look up to any of them.

I was, at one time, the top scrap catalytic converter buyer in all of Western Canada. It's a very obscure title to hold, but one I hold on to quite fondly.

I'd love to ditch technology and go live in a cabin in the woods at some point. But I wouldn't be like him. You know who I mean. Right diagnosis, wrong prescription.

I don't want to be remembered when I die. Conan O'Brien once said "Eventually, all our graves go unattended." And I'd like that to happen sooner rather than later. As for my kids and/or loved ones who would miss me, I hope they move on quickly and don't grieve for long. I'm allowing them one day to grieve. And I'm hoping they agree to my request to have my body either a) donated to a body farm, or b) thrown into a ravine to be ravaged by nature.

Pajamas, pizza, and potatoes are amazing.

I have webbed toes.

I'm stupidly superstitious. At one point in time, the "goodness" or "badness" of my day could be defined by whether or not I'd seen the digital time in a sequential number (eg. 12:34, 1:23, 4:56). It would be a good day if I saw it, and a bad day if I didn't, no matter what actually occurred. Also, I have an authenticator token for banking purposes, and I won't actually pick it up until I'm ready to enter the number, because the amount of time I have left on the authenticator for that set of numbers determines if I've done something wrong with the transactions. Even if I've done everything correctly. Stupid, I know.

Now for the boring stuff.

I was born the year of a George Orwell novel.

I was born with female parts, have retained said parts, and identify with said parts.

I was born blonde, but now have dark brown hair and hazel eyes.

I live in between two provinces in Western Canada.

I have 3 kids, a dog, and a pumpkin addiction.

You can find me stuck at my desk working too hard pretty much every day of the week.

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